About Us

Focused Investments. Higher Standards.

DPI (and its subsidiary companies) is a multi-faceted real estate investment company with expertise in management, development/redevelopment, finance and leasing. The firm’s focus is to manage, develop and/or renovate shopping centers to institutional quality standards to benefit the company, its tenants, and the communities it serves.

Over 40 years ago, Peter Doerken set out to create a real estate investment and management company built on two key foundational platforms. First, Mr. Doerken strove to build a company that consistently added asset value, while taking a long-term investment view. And second, Mr. Doerken sought to establish a set of internal values that have continued to this day such as integrity, hard work, diligence, transparency, community-mindedness and mutual respect, both internally and with partners/vendors. DPI’s foundational platforms have helped build a strong, performance-based organization that thrives today.  In 1991, Mr. Doerken made an important change within the company, partnering with industry veteran Allen Lynch with a goal of focusing the company’s investments primarily in the shopping center industry, emphasizing value creation by significantly improving each asset’s operations.

With a focus on the western U.S. market, DPI has become known for creating better communities through strategic investment and maximizing property operations. The company enhances communities by investing in market-appropriate retail centers. DPI’s strategic asset redevelopment decisions are guided by the company’s focus on consistently adding value and strengthening daily operations, thereby maximizing each investment’s potential. Communities that contain centers within the DPI portfolio are enhanced by these successful properties, as well as by DPI’s support of employees who give back through work and volunteerism.

The company and its internal team consistently achieve desired results year over year through a commitment to organizational accountability and consistency across the organization. DPI employees understand the company’s values and principles, and bring this philosophy to life in day-to-day operations.

What started as one man’s vision in 1972, has evolved into a real estate investment company with its feet solidly planted on a non-negotiable value system supporting a long-term view taken with each and every business investment and relationship; and with that, better properties, enhanced communities, committed employees and consistent business performance.